PyCascades 2018 Speaker Lineup

Posted by Mariatta on Oct. 11, 2017, 1:08 p.m.

We are thrilled to annouce the speaker lineup for PyCascades 2018!

If you have not made up your mind yet of whether to attend PyCascades, we hope the following list will convince you.

- "BDFL Python 3 Retrospective" by Guido van Rossum
- "Racial Bias in Facial Recognition Software" by Stephanie Kim
- "Setting Expectations for Open Source Participation" by Brett Cannon
- "Character Encoding and You�" by Rachael Tatman
- "Python for Feature Film" by Dhruv Govil
- "RaspberryPy to RustyPi: Translating a Python API to Rust" by Anna Liao
- "A Web App in Four Frameworks" by Nicholas Hunt-Walker
- "The AST and Me" by Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel
- "Python & Spreadsheets: 2018 Edition" by Kojo Idrissa
- "Shipping secret messages through barcodes" by Karina Ruzinov
- "Can you please pass the data? IoT communication with MicroPython" by Sev Leonard
- "Don't Miss This Event!" by Corinne Hutchinson
- "Taming the Hydra: How we Learned to Love Testing a Giant Python Codebase" by Yusuke Tsutsumi
- "Navigating unconscious bias" by Anna Schneider
- "Python is not Java or C++" by Thomas W Ballinger
- "Bad Accessibility Happens – That Doesn’t Have to Be The End" by Lindsey Dragun
- "Gradual Typing of Production Applications" by Łukasz Langa
- "It's a Kind of Magic" by Nick Denny
- "Those Who Care, Teach!" by Kenneth Love
PyCascades will be one-of-a-kind event you don't want to miss. Registration is now open, and we are over forty-percent sold!
PyCascades is a new regional Python conference in the Pacific Northwest, celebrating the West Coast Python developer and user community. 
Help make PyCascades a successful event! Sponsorship helps fund running cost of the conference, financial aid, on-site childcare, sprint, and to support the local Python communities. 

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